Founder Journey
With Ray Walia
11 months ago

From Startup Struggles to Real Estate Triumphs with Josh Lopour, Co-Founder of EveryState

Uncover the Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success and Disruptive Innovation in the Real Estate Industry, with Ray Walia in Season 4 of 'Founder Journey

Episode Notes

Welcome to Season 4 of “Founder Journey,” the podcast that uncovers the hidden aspects of startup founders’ unique journeys. In this enlightening first episode of Season 4, join host Ray Walia, CEO of Launch Ventures, as he engages in an insightful conversation with Josh Lopour, Co-Founder of EveryState, to unravel the remarkable journey of a visionary entrepreneur.

From television to the tech industry, Josh’s diverse background shaped his entrepreneurial path. Explore his experiences with PixSpree, a startup that overcame challenges and discovered a breakthrough in real estate through Facebook apps. Discover how they realized the untapped potential of their real estate data management infrastructure, exceeding the value of the app itself. Listen to the pivotal moments when Josh and his team identified an unmet market need during real estate conferences, leading to a successful business model pivot and eventual sale of their company to Zillow. Then, discover how EveryState leverages data to assist clients in identifying properties of interest at a national scale. Ray and Josh also dive into the challenging world of marketing, revealing strategies for companies to stand out and thrive in a fast-paced, competitive landscape. Prepare to be inspired as Josh’s entrepreneurial journey unfolds, shaped by his industry experiences and his ability to address pain points.

Tune in to “Founder Journey” Season 4 for invaluable insights, actionable advice, and inspiring stories from exceptional founders who dared to dream big and create innovative solutions. Don’t miss this captivating episode that sets the tone for an incredible season of “Founder Journey.” Embark on an enlightening and empowering entrepreneurial adventure today!

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