Founder Journey
With Ray Walia
11 months ago

Scaling the Unscalable: The Defang Founders' Journey to Revolutionize Startups with Lio Lunesu, Prakash Sundaresan, and Antoine Cote of Defang

Learn how these industry veterans are looking to help small teams build big

Episode Notes

Join Sam Chan, VP of Programs at Launch, as he hosts an enlightening episode of Founder Journey. In this episode, Sam is joined by the innovative team behind Defang, including CEO Lio Lunesu, Antoine Cote, and Prakash Sundaresan. Listen as they delve into their diverse experiences working at tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, and how these experiences have shaped their approach to business. Discover how Defang is revolutionizing the startup landscape by creating a platform that simplifies product development at scale, making services more resilient, affordable, and user-friendly. Learn about the unique challenges and rewards of transitioning from builders in large corporations to startup founders. Get inspired by Defang’s mission to empower small teams to build products at scale, akin to Facebook or Twitter. Gain insights from their journey in the tech startup landscape, the importance of team diversity, and their genuine interest in problem-solving. Also, get a sneak peek into Vancouver’s thriving tech ecosystem and Defang’s upcoming project set for release in 2023. Tune in to this episode of Founder Journey for a deep dive into the world of tech startups and the journeys of the folks behind them!

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