Founder Journey
With Ray Walia
10 months ago

Creating a Buzz: Daily Hive's Birth and Growth with Founder Manny Bahia

Join us on the Founder Journey podcast as we delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Manny Bahia, co-founder of the successful media company, Daily Hive. Starting as a humble blog, Vancity Buzz, in 2008, Daily Hive has since expanded across multiple Canadian cities, attracting millions of unique visitors and page views each month. In this engaging conversation with Ray Walia, CEO of Launch Ventures, Manny shares insights into the evolving media landscape, including the pivotal role of platforms like Instagram and TikTok in news distribution. They also tackle the pressing challenges of misinformation, underscoring the critical need for accuracy and fact-checking in today's fast-paced media world. Tune in to learn about the transformation of Daily Hive into a thriving media powerhouse and gain valuable insights from Manny's inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Don't miss out on this enlightening episode!

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